"“I lost 15% body fat!”"

Antonio had only great things to say about his experience at Ultimate Performance. You would too if you managed to go from 25% to 10.7% bodyfat in an incredible amount of time!

Here’s what he had to say of his experience:

What made you commit to Ultimate Performance?

I came home from my summer holidays last year and when the pictures were processed I realised I was in really bad shape. Throughout my life I had always taken care about the way I look and until seeing the photos I was reasonably happy with my level of exercise. I hit the treadmill two to three times per week and kept myself quite active during the weekend by partaking in running or boxing amongst other things.

In truth I felt that I was doing a lot and never getting much reward for it. The body I had didn’t do my efforts justice and I knew that drastic change had to come before it got too late.

At the time a new training programme would not be enough (trust me I followed every Men’s Health fitness fat burning workouts they published!) and that I needed a complete overhaul of my diet too (the extensive city dining and wining were definitely taking their toll). I read about Ultimate Performance and it seemed that they could offer a complete solutions package around training and diet advice. On top of this they had excellent testimonials from people they had helped in the past and the results were impressive.

What do you feel that you have achieved?

I have undergone a colossal transformation, going from 25% body fat to 10.7%. I have gone down to a 31 waist from a size 34 Diesel Zathan jeans, harking back to my early 20s days! I’m feeling so much stronger and definitely leaner and have completely changed the way I eat and train.

Most importantly I now have a body that justifies the training I put in!

Big credit should go to Eddie Baruta, the Personal Trainer assigned to me. His wealth of knowledge when it comes to training is bottomless and he is by far the best Personal Trainer I’ve ever had (I was training before at Fitness First, Virgin and Holmes place). He somehow manages to balance pushing me to my limits in every session but also making the training fun and challenging. Eddie leads by example and he is a pleasure to train with.

What have you learned?

To maintain peak condition it takes a lot more than just visiting the gym a handful of times a week. What counts is what you do while you’re at the gym, the intensity in which you train and as Eddie would say: “the pride you take on each rep”.

What is even more important is diet and during my time at Ultimate Performance I have completely changed how I eat and what I eat and the changes have been massive!

What’s next for you?

The training is not cheap but I will keep going with it simply because it has been totally worth it so far.

Eddie and I are in constant review of my goals, tailoring my workouts to target specific gains. Here is where the PT’s at Ultimate Performance really show their worth. For 4 weeks my workouts have not been the same and they are always challenging to my body. I move from fat loss to muscle building and strength gain extensively.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us?

The answer is simple. If you really are serious about getting in great shape, then Ultimate Performance is the place for you. There are no shortcuts to hard work and discipline on your diet – but these guys have all the expertise to get you in the best form of your life!

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