Tony Mosley

"Another Wedding dress alteration - UP works!"

“My wedding is 15 days away now and this Friday is my last training day with Simon before the big day. I’ve been training with Simon for just 7 weeks now and all I can say is that his methods work!

I had a dress fitting two weeks ago and at that point I’d been training with Simon for just under 5 weeks and my seamstress did alternations to take in my dress.  She knew I was training so pulled it in VERY tight expecting that I would shrink a little before my final fitting.
I remember trying on the altered dress and it was snug but it fit – and I thought, good thing I’m training as I’ve got some work to do before I’m comfortable fitting into this!  Only two weeks later I went to another fitting thinking, expecting to take my dress home.
In the last two weeks I’ve lost another two inches around my waist and ribs – another two inches from a dress that I previously was struggling to breathe in!
My seamstress can’t believe my transformation – and I must say I’m impressed with what Simon has helped me to achieve in such a short space of time!
My need for another alteration just shows what can be achieved working with a team like UP.
My UP Trainer, Simon, has been amazing in particular. What I like most is that he is practical – his diet rules were strict but manageable – otherwise I could have given up and failed. When training, he’s tough and pushes me, but also listens and ensures he sets me targets that I can achieve.
He doesn’t set me up to fail by raising the bar too high – and I think it’s that approach that has kept me so motivated and led to me achieving this result.
So happy – thank you!”
Emma will be looking incredible on her big day – what’s your excuse?
Get in touch with us – let’s talk about what we can do to help you change your life.

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