If you’re working under the misconception that Ultimate Performance personal trainers are a motley bunch of pumped-up beasts, prepare to put that idea aside. Whilst, like most gyms, we have our fair share of larger-than-life men, we are actually composed of a diverse range of shapes and sizes, unified by a few valuable qualities.

Ultimate Performance can be an intense working environment – it is with this in mind that our trainers and staff are both strong characters and team players. Everyone has a clear role and mandate and there is nowhere to hide!  We actively encourage our trainers to become high achievers and spare no expense when it comes to ongoing education and development.

Whilst our trainers do experience a certain amount of pressure (understandable when you work for a company with a reputation like UP’s!), it is positive pressure in an environment where there the hard working individual can thrive. Imagination and innovation isn’t stifled, it is actively encouraged – if something doesn’t work, we learn from our lessons and move on.

Our people have an active interest in their careers, and must believe in themselves to do so – we like to cultivate this type of environment. Whilst chasing a quick buck is, sadly, all too common in the Personal Training industry, that couldn’t be further from the way we do things here at UP.


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