Nick Mitchell, Global CEO

Nick Mitchell is the Founder and Global CEO of Ultimate Performance. Responsible for the company’s commercial strategy, he is currently overseeing the establishment of Ultimate Performance in Marbella.

Nick’s biography and wealth of experience within the fitness industry can be found here.

Joe Halstead, Asia CEO

Joe Halstead, an MA in Pharmacology from Cambridge University, is the Founder of pan-Asian chain Options, and is now overseeing the implementation of our growth strategy in Hong Kong and Seoul. He has a long history with UP – he and Nick started along the fitness path together as Bradford Grammar boys.

Sean McAninly, Head of Legal

Sean McAninly oversees any legal and commercial matters at UP. A former City of London Lawyer, having also practised internationally with Pinsent Masons LLP, he joined Ultimate Performance and now focuses on the smooth runing of our business and relationships.

Lee Bandoni, Head of Technology

Lee, one of the UK’s top Technology experts, heads up the online running of Ultimate Performance. Together with his dedicated and knowledgeable team, Lee works behind-the-scenes, ensuring that our systems are robust enough to manage a global, and growing, audience.

Eduard Baruta, Head of Training (UK)

Eduard Baruta is our Head of Training for Ultimate Performance’s UK gyms. One of Britain’s most experience personal trainers, he joined us in 2010 – his primary role is to ensure that the UP standards for Personal Training are conastantly assessed and refined, right on he gym floors.

Graham Mountford, Head of Training (Hong Kong)

Graham Mountford is our Head of Training for our Hong Kong gym. Originally based in Ultimate Performance’s London gyms, he was relocated to Hong Hong in 2013 – to ensure that the standard of our Hong Kong gym match those in London.

Joe Warner, Editorial Director

Joe Warner, former Deputy Editor of Men’s Fitness magazine and star of our 12 Week Body Plan, joined Ultimate Performance after writing the book – he is now our global editor for all written content.

Dr Dan Reardon, Scientific Adviser

Dr Dan Reardon (MB ChB | BSc(Hons)) is Ultimate Performance’s Scientific Adviser – backing up our pgroess with scientific analysis and research. He has his finger in many pies – an Accident and Emergency doctor here in the UK, the CEO of DNA testing company MuscleGenes, as well as the Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness magazine

Charles Poliquin, S&C Adviser

Charles Poliquin – one of the most recognizable and respected names in the fitness industry all over the world. He has written numerous leading exercise and fitness books – such as The Poliquin Principles. He has been also been a columnist for various publications such as IronMan, Muscle Media 2000 and Flex – as well as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, having trained more Olympic medallists than any Coach in history. Charles is also an adviser to Ultimate Performance’s many Strength & Conditioning matters. He also bases all of his European training camps at UP Marbella.