We’ve put together some of the questions we’re most frequently asked, which we hope will be of some use to you. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



How do I find you?

Just use our Location page – we are located in the San Pedro Poligono (industrial estate) and are opposite the Policia Local Station.

Is there car parking?

There is on street car parking, but at the busiest times this may not be possible. However, there is a totally free grass car park 2 minutes walk from the gym at the top of our street (Calle Chipre). This always has plenty of free car parking space.


Can I get to you using public transport?

There are many public buses that will take you to San Pedro and from there, a taxi would take 5 minutes and cost under €5.




The Gym


Is there a swimming pool and spa?

No, there is no pool or spa. We are a results focused training facility and not necessarily the best fit for those of you who want to relax at the gym!

Can I train indoors and outdoors?

Yes you can! We have 500sq m / 5000sq feet of indoor training space, and the same again outdoors on astro turf for more active, functional style training.

What about the UP Dojo?

The Dojo is a separate part of the gym where various martial arts classes take place. Preferential places are reserved for UP members – see The Dojo for more information.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do – we may not be a spa but we do like to keep clean!



Can I transfer my membership to other Ultimate Performance gyms?

No you cannot. Our Marbella gym is unique in the UP business in that it is the only membership gym. All the rest of our facilities across the world are exclusively for personal training.

How much is membership?

Just visit our prices page – at the moment we’re running some brilliant deals for new members.

Can I freeze my membership?

No, we do not allow this.UPMarbella3

Can I trial before joining?

We welcome you to visit the gym and we will explain how everything works but we do not permit trial sessions. Contact us to learn more.

Are classes included in membership?

Some classes are included if you take on a longer-term memberships. For more detail, please see our membership page.

Is Personal Training included in membership?

Some Personal Training sessions are included if you take on a longer-term membership.  For more detail, please see our membership page.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, credit cards and direct debits.

Do You Offer Discounts?

We have discounts for local police and fire services staff, young person’s discount, and British Armed Forces discount. Please our membership page for more details.



What results can I expect?

Results are in your hands! But we do everything we can to help you unlock your potential. We are not the gym that sits back and watches you make mistakes – we get stuck in and help all of our clients. If in doubt, then check out some of our results here!

What type of people train at Ultimate Performance Marbella?


We cater for all types of members at our Marbella Gym. There is just one unifying goal – that everyone wants to improve. The gym is set up to help you achieve whatever goal you may have and is unique in its scope and culture in Southern Europe.

Is the gym just for big guys lifting weights?

Not in the slightest. The Ultimate Performance Marbella gym is for anyone who wants to make a change to their bodies. We accept memberships from big and small, fat and thin, fit and unfit alike and actively pursue a culture of acceptance and tolerance. We do not mind you training hard, sweating on our machines, or making noise in the gym. We do not mind if you throw weights around sometimes, but we do mind every time if an individual throws HIS weight around. In circumstances such as this we are prepared to ask the wrong elements to leave the gym.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

We always aim to have a qualified Personal Training professional on hand to give you guidance in the gym although this differs from the time spent doing actual one-to-one coaching. All members who sign up to a 3 month membership will receive a 30 minute induction with one of our PTs where they can ask any training/nutrition question they might have or do quick 30 minute session.