The scope and scale of what we have to offer is unique in Europe.

Our Marbella gym is comprised of four very special parts:


The Gym

The interior of our Marbella Gym is 5,000 sq feet of resistance training-packed heaven.


We have shipped specialist equipment in from the UK (Watson), Canada (Atlantis), and Sweden (Eleiko) to create a Mecca for serious weight trainers. What we want you to remember though is that “serious weight trainer” to us does not equal bodybuilder or athlete. It simply means someone who is serious about using exercise to help improve their health, fitness, performance and/or physical appearance.

Whilst our equipment is special, what sets the gym apart is our culture. We always have fully qualified UP Personal Training staff on hand to help out and give advice to all members, and our rules and standards mean that UP Marbella is a gym like no other because every day we see members helping each other out and creating a special community of like-minded individuals!


Outdoor Training



Our gym is on the first floor and opens out onto a 5,000 square feet of outdoor, astroturfed, training area! On this surface we have as much fun as you can imagine using a variety of functional training tools (sleds, prowlers, sandbags, plus a little 15 metre long monkey bar / CrossFit style rig) all whilst exercising in the sunshine with the most amazing views in the background to lift the spirits and inspire some great workout sessions!



Private Studio / Dojo / Classroom


Right next to the gym we have our own 4,000 square foot martial arts dojo that we use for everything from TKD to Yoga. We also have a private classroom that we use to host courses. For example. UP Marbella is the exclusive European host of Charles Poliquin, the world’s most successful Olympic and professional Strength Coach.



Our classes are small in size, intelligent in design, challenging to execute, fun to complete and can help you get results like these!

The class format is super simple. Each class is 45 minutes in duration, they are intense and very focused but we always have enough instructors on hand to ensure that different ability levels are catered for and individuals are coached on form and technique when required. The prices for our UP Group Training are extremely economical and the timetable is at the foot of this page. And best of all, if you are a resident of Andalucia then the first session is completely FREE! We also run monthly nutritional and diet seminars for our regular group training clients to help you manage your eating and maximize your results. We also do a monthly weigh in and body fat test for those who really want to get some accountability!

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Soon we’ll have a video walk-through and comprehensive guide to what you can find in our Marbella gym – until then, have a peak at some of the incredible space, equipment and sights on offer at UP Marbella.


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