Now living here in Marbella to ensure the UP standards are matched across the water, Nick is a Personal Trainer like no other.

Although a quick glance at Nick would confirm his passion for all avenues of fitness, he’s had an incredibly diverse academic and professional journey thus far. A Law graduate, he became a barrister turned City banker before moving full-time into what he terms his “Life’s Passion” as a Personal Trainer.

This range of experience serves him well when dealing with clients from all backgrounds. With a simple but effective approach rooted in real-world application, Nick ensures that each and every one of his clients has a unique, realistic but gruelling programme, designed to make them look and feel their very best.

Since the opening of his first Ultimate Performance gym in London in 2009, Nick has received a huge number of accolades. Men’s Fitness stated that he was “one of the world’s leading body composition experts”, and Time Out named his “London’s Best Personal Trainer.”

His expertise in his chosen field has led to two hugely sucessful books: The 12 Week Body Plan and The 6 Week Muscle Plan, fronted by Joe Warner of Men’s Fitness and Oliver Proudlock of Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea respectively. Proving extremely popular on Amazon, leading to rave reviews and inclusion in the Top 100 Overall Book for 2013, the 12 Week Body Plan was also Amazon UK’s No 1 Fitness book for 2013. 

Oliver Proudlock

Nick’s uniquely ushackled (some might say scary!) teaching style allows all his clients to feel more motivated and englightened than their usual levels. Having come from a physique athlete background, Nick has decades of hands-on experience under his belt. Matched by his passion, in-depth knowledge and coaching past, this ensures Nick is kept at the forefront of the Physical Conditioning world.

The art of Body composition, more than any other branch of fitness, is at the mercy of science – and Nick knows this all too well. So many Personal Trainers become accomplished, and then stall – thinking they know it all. Nick, however, continues to add to his lifetime of gym experience by constantly studying and learning – keeping him at the very pinnacle of his profession.

On his quest to be in the know at all times, Nick has met and worked with an array of world-class coaches, including Strength & Conditioning Coach Charles Poliquin, a man who has trained scores of Summer and Winter Games Olympic medalists for the past six Olympic Games. After working extensively with Nick Mitchell to create a perfect Fat Loss programme, Poliquin commented that Nick was – “the smartest, hungriest and most compelling Personal Trainer” he had ever met.

“Those who come to work with me and my team at Ultimate Performance expect nothing less than something special, something different from the traditional commercial gym or the shiny-surface personal training studios. We demand a lot from our clients, but we give so much back. We are not for everybody, but if you truly desire results that will change your life, then look no further.” – Nick Mitchell



“In just 12 weeks I lost 8kg of fat, added 10kg of muscle and ended up on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. I don’t for one second believe that there is another trainer in the UK capable of getting such phenomenal results. Nick Mitchell is, without question, the king of body transformations.” – Joe Warner



Charles Poliquin: “With these startling results Nick Mitchell has reaffirmed himself as one of Europe’s top trainers. I myself saw Glenn at the early stages of his transformation and to see him come so far in such as short space of time is a testament both to his own steely determination and work ethic, and to Nick’s depth of experience and coaching knowledge.”


His written work with magazines ranging from Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Runner’s World to Marie Claire, Vogue, Red and a host of national newspapers, along with TV appearances on the BBC and ITV, plus a roster of clients whose livelihoods depend upon both looking and feeling their best possible shape speaks for itself, and is seen by Nick Mitchell as the best and most compelling advert for his business.

Those that have trained first-hand with Nick will tell you their transformation to a happier, healthier and more confident person was no easy ride, but one thing they all have in common is that their experience with Nick – and with UP – has led to a happier, healthier, and transformed body – that will last a lifetime.


Wesley Doyle

Wesley Doyle: “As the first forty year old man on the cover of Men’s Health magazine I can say that I would have had no chance without coaching, support, and occasional bullying from Nick”


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