Company History

Born from the vision of our founder Nick Mitchell, Ultimate Performance (UP) was created with the desire to provide a place where people knew they could get the results they wanted without any of the ineffective fitness fluff which saturated the UK Personal Training industry at the time. Since the set up of UP, the quality of British Personal Training has massively improved and a quick scan of social media sites will show numerous UP copycats with essentially the same message, and in some cases even the same phrases (taken directly from our website), but funnily enough lacking in the depth of results or distinction that we have worked endlessly to produce.

In May 2009 with a small team of only two full-time Personal Trainers and lots of empty space, the first Ultimate Performance gym, UP City was opened. UP has rapidly expanded since those days, sometimes with ease and on occasion kicking and screaming, into a global venture with a large team of over 65 Personal Trainers. Along with our four personal training gyms we are also about to open our first commercial gym – Ultimate Performance Marbella, with the intention of using the 15,000 square foot facility as a teaching complex to aid in educating our host of worldwide students.

Results driven one-to-one personal training still remains as our core business, although we have expanded into both the education and online avenues by holding regular weekend courses for professional Personal Trainers which are consistently sold out, as well as an online coaching service helping hundreds of people each month who are unable to travel to our gyms.

The following timeline shows the Ultimate Performance Company history. Our plan is to take our past growth and build on it exponentially – watch this space!

May 2009: Ultimate Performance City of London.

A 3,000 square foot personal training-focussed gym, located in the very heart of London’s financial centre. In 2009, this was the best-equipped personal training gym in Europe.

November 2011: Ultimate Performance Mayfair (London).

A 5,000 square foot personal training-focussed gym in London’s central and exclusive Mayfair district. Outside of the USA, our Mayfair gym is the largest, most comprehensive and best-equipped personal training facility in the world.

April 2013: Ultimate Performance Hong Kong (Central District)

A 4,000 square foot personal training gym in central Hong Kong’s, this is the largest and most comprehensive personal training facility in Asia.

February 2014: Ultimate Performance Marbella

Our biggest gym yet, UP Marbella is a mighty 15,000 square foot facility, focussed both on personal training, commercial use and teaching.

The gym is situated in San Pedro de Alcantera, just ten minutes from Marbella, and 45 minutes’ drive from Spain’s huge Malaga International Airport.

Our incredible new gym is truly ahead of the pack – with classrooms, 9,000 square feet of outdoor exercise space, and a stunning and comprehensive gym designed by Nick Mitchell and renowned Olympic Strength Coach Charles Poliquin.


Here at Ultimate Performance, we are dedicated to constantly improving and refining our approach to personal training and fitness. With this in mind, we’re planning to grow in a controlled and defined manner, with our core values and methodologies at heart. We’ll keep our plans to ourselves for now, but if you’d like to discuss involvement within the future of Ultimate Performance, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.