The two David's, Godfrey and Lancaster, typify UP's Personal Trainers. University Graduates, Men's Fitness Cover Models, serious and dedicated career professionals
The two David’s, Godfrey and Lancaster, typify UP’s Personal Trainers. University Graduates, Men’s Fitness Cover Models, serious and dedicated career professionals


Each Ultimate Performance gym houses elite Personal Trainers – educated, hand-picked and trained to the highest possible standards, they are the foundation of the company.

Having been rigorously tested and proven, we ask that each of our Personal Trainers has 5,000 hours of practical, results-focused experience under their belt. Accredited from the very best establishments, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association in America, many of our Trainers are athletes as well as academics. This ability to both talk the talk and walk the walk is uniform across our gyms – whether in Hong Kong, London, and now, Marbella.

Our dedication to all aspects of the body’s composition and wellness, coupled with our highly trained and passionate staff, ensures that each and every one of our clients’ goals can be attained – so long as they’re prepared to listen and work hard! Whether clients come to us after reading about us in Men’s Fitness, through a celebrity testimonial, or, as is so often the case, as a last-ditch attempt to address their fitness, the benchmark of our success is the incredible transformations our trainers oversee. More than often, it’s not just a physical transformation – but a mental one, too, ensuring that incredible results aren’t a quick-fix; they really last.


Glenn – A Radical 3 Month Transformation

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and in Glenn’s case this is absolutely true. These

Out of Shape to a Men’s Fitness Cover Model in 12 Weeks!

Joe Warner had heard a lot about Nick Mitchell. There were lots of myths surrounding the

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