I Went from Scrawny to Brawny in 2 Months!

Apologies if I use the title of a fitness book unrelated to UP, but I really did go from  scrawny

“The love handles are finally gone!”

Jon had grown tired of reading about all the commercial fluff you read about in countless fitness magazines

A New World Has Opened Up For Me

I am well on the way to having the body of my dreams.  A new world has opened up  for

A Remarkable 7 Day Transformation!

In the fitness modelling industry you never know when a photoshoot could pop up. Working with top personal trainer Ben Lauder-Dykes

Out of Shape to a Men’s Fitness Cover Model in 12 Weeks!

Joe Warner had heard a lot about Nick Mitchell. There were lots of myths surrounding the

I Lost 5 Stone in 8 Months!!

Getting lean is simple…just listen to Phil!! Literally, do exactly what he asks and  you’re guaranteed success. I’ve lost nearly 5