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""Nick is masterful when it comes to perfecting bodies!""

Sally knew she needed a Personal Trainer who could kickstart her fitness again, someone who could guide her through the many complex hoops of correct nutrition and coaching. She found Ultimate Performance and got in touch with us straight away.

Here’s what she had to say:

What made you join Ultimate Performance?

I’d made a conscious decision that I needed to recruit a Personal Trainer – one that I was confident could offer me results and therefore worth the money; who’d received excellent testimonials from women and men alike, let alone supermodels; who took in my digestive condition and could use his/ her expertise in nutrition to improve it; who could rehabilitate my many injuries but most importantly find someone who I could absolutely trust and respect and who had a great reputation in the industry. Nick Mitchell from Ultimate Performance stood out head and shoulders above the rest of the top Personal Trainers London had to offer. When I met with him I knew immediately he would be the one to take me through my fitness journey.

What do you feel that you have achieved?

Rapid results! Literally within twenty sessions Nick had strengthened my shoulders and back to the point where I no longer needed surgery on either shoulder. My body changed shape significantly, with my arms gaining more definition and becoming my best feature. My problem area being my legs looked far leaner, especially above the knees. I gained muscle tone and a far stronger and fitter body that is functioning much better. My digestion has improved through excellent nutritional advice and as a result, my joints are less troublesome and my condition, controlled. I’ve also experienced improved clarity, determination and willpower as I strive to achieve these results!

What have you learned?

That you CAN achieve amazing results, including fitness through weight training which a lot of women don’t know. I never actually expected to achieve much over and above strength through weight training, and half expected my cardio workout to consist of more traditional forms- versa climbers/ cross trainers (etc.) but have been proved very wrong. I never realised that under the careful guidance of Nick Mitchell there is no duplication with exercises; every session is different, all punishing, some more than others…..yet all the while, I am fully challenged and reassured by Nick’s incredible knowledge of this area, and having fun attaining a better body

What’s next for you?

I MUST maintain my arm shape I’ve worked so hard for! Also I want to improve the impingement in both shoulders and correct joint issues in my right shoulder through strengthening and stretching various muscle groups. Ultimately I want to get best body shape I can achieve, which includes a reduction in fat on the thighs, slim down my stomach and reduce cortisol storage, whilst improving overall fitness and strength. And once I get all this, treat myself by having some proper photos taken!

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us?

I can only ever sing praise to Nick Mitchell as he is without doubt the King of Weight Training and the Master of perfecting bodies! If you need great results in minimum time and get value for money, pay for a UP Personal Trainer. They’ll make you work hard for your money but no-one said getting fit was easy. Thanks Nick and everyone at Ultimate Performance!


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