– And it doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training is designed specifically for you, straight from the team who have created high profile transformations such as these!

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Nick Mitchell, our Founder and the man Time Out named as London’s Best Personal Trainer, says:

Thanks to the physical transformations we produce and the endorsements we have received, the Ultimate Performance name is synonymous worldwide with startling improvement in body fat levels, muscle mass, and overall body composition. Every single day I receive scores of emails and Facebook messages from all over the world, where people just like you are desperate for hard-hitting advice that produces real and quantifiable results. “My goal has always been to help as many people as possible to realize the eminently achievable goal of significantly lowered body fat and pleasing muscle shape and definition, and I am absolutely evangelical in wanting to spread the gospel of how to really train for results that actually shout to the world “I workout, and I workout smart and hard!”.” “I appreciate that getting to see us in our gyms isn’t always possible or even affordable. Because of the results that we are famous for achieving we are amongst the most sought after, and admittedly expensive, personal trainers in Europe.”But, I want to give as many people as possible the chance to benefit from the knowledge we have developed at Ultimate Performance, after years and years of work and thousands of successful transformations. I have seen so many unsuspecting, naïve trainees palmed off with promises of spectacular changes – if they only buy this one, funny-looking contraption. And don’t even get me started on the fantastically well marketed but wholly limited bodyweight and interval training craze amongst internet marketers who masquerade as fitness experts!”    Here at Ultimate Performance we have very little tolerance for BS. So, after much trial and experimentation, we are very proud to present our Online Personal Training Plan. This is a bespoke programme that gives you unprecedented access to the training methods, nutritional regimes and supplement protocols we use right here in the gym. No gimmicks, no fads – just proven methods that, with your hard work, will get you the results you are looking for. We should warn you that we expect a lot from our clients. We expect even more from our Online clients. Our focus is absolutely unwavering and is not for everyone. We will do everything necessary to get results, and we do not take passengers. We cannot do the hard work for you: you will have to be the one who turns down junk food, and pushes yourself hard in the gym. But we can take the guesswork out of your training, making sure your training and diet regimes are designed to meet your goals.

Ultimate Performance has made its name in results, and that is the same for our online clients as well.

Here is what you get with our Comprehensive Online Training Package:

For those of you who can’t come and see us in London but still want access to world class coaching and guidance we offer online personal training options that have helped many to radically reshape their bodies:

Ultimate Performance Online Advisory Programme

Every month we design a new Online Training Programme, a new nutritional audit and diet plan, and unlimited access to your very own Ultimate Performance personal trainer via email to deliver online training and nutritional coaching. This highly bespoke online training plan consists of:

Nutritional Consultation and Audit

We ask every new client to keep a food diary of exactly what is consumed during the preceding week. This way we can accurately conduct a full scale audit of dietary habits and make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, rather than making sweeping statements that apply generally, but not necessarily to you specifically. We are also very careful to integrate your nutritional plan within your existing lifestyle. Our view is that the word “diet” is a misnomer, and our main concern is putting you on the right track to create enduringly healthy eating habits. Of course, the specifics of your own goals dictate how we construct a new nutritional plan for you and this plan is constantly adjusted to reflect your own changing physical motivations as your body shape improves and your fitness increases. Depending upon the client and the goals, we also map out a full scale supplementation programme that includes every possible permutation of what food supplements a client could take to their enhance their progress.

Exercise Programme Design

This includes a full six weeks of workouts, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions. You complete our detailed assessment and appraisal forms where we learn not just the hard facts of your previous exercise experience and medical history, but also seek to understand exactly what motivates you in the pursuit of your own unique physical excellence. We are then in a position to write up a fully personalised 6 week training programme encompassing every aspect of exercise science that will allow you to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time. In keeping with everything that we do at Ultimate Performance, nothing is left to chance and we cover every conceivable variable. Every workout for the month is planned out – right down to load (weight), repetitions (that in some cases we will deliberately vary from workout to workout), and rest intervals. This way we can accurately predict your progress, and eliminate the need for any guesswork on your part. This unique offering is the same as having one of our trainers coaching you in person with two distinct differences: 1) You MUST be motivated to get the most out of this. Without the benefit of our one to one coaching you will need to be dedicated, disciplined, and focused. Anything less and you will be wasting your money and our time. 2) You get the benefit of our top level online coaching expertise, and do not underestimate the power and usefulness of having a world class trainer at your disposal whom you can contact 24/7, at a massively discounted price to what we charge in our London gyms.

Benefit to You Personal Training with the average gym PT Budget Online Personal Training Ultimate Performance Online Personal Training
Structured Gym Programmes Ideally, but usually lifted from the pages of Men’s Fitness Cookie cutter plan taken off the shelf. What else can you expect when paying pennies? Individually designed for YOU based on an exhaustive online assessment procedure (you will have a lot of questions to answer before we can start!)
Planned Diet Programmes Rarely As above – but don’t complain, you get what you pay for Macronutrient profiles are broken down based on goals, activity and even photographs. Eating correctly is an education, not a regime, and we teach you exactly what works for your own body.
Individualised Supplement Protocols You’re kidding right?! Not in a million years. Utilising modified version of BioSignature Modulation so a detailed supplement protocol is designed specifically for your unique hormonal blueprint.
Accountability Yes None Always – you work with one coach who learns what makes you tick, and that coach then reports in to Nick Mitchell
Cost Effectiveness You are paying for a babysitter, that has value for some people Buy a few fitness magazines for a fraction of the price! Access to world renowned body composition coaching at a monthly fee that is less than is charged for a single one-to-one personal training session.
Track Record in Producing Real Results Typically minimal As rare as a blue moon Ultimate Performance is THE industry leader in producing body transformations!

We appreciate that there will be cheaper online training programmes out there, but these will be cookie cutter plans where a faceless individual (or even worse a piece of software the type of which is increasingly becoming popular in online training) sends out low level, totally generalised plans by the dozen. We feel that our bespoke offering represents fantastic value and is proving so popular that we will soon be increasing the price so as to ensure that it continues to be economically viable for us to put as much effort into this service as we do.

PACKAGES Initial One Off Cost Cost/Month After Initial Period Subscribe Now
1 Month Package €399 €199 per month thereafter and recurring choose-plan1
3 Month Package €679 €179 per month thereafter and recurring choose-plan1
6 Month Package €1129 €159 per month thereafter and recurring choose-plan1

A Few Words From Some Online Training Clients

“As a Personal Trainer I have a passion to get myself into the best possible physical shape and am not afraid to put the hard work and effort in to do so. Getting myself into good condition wasn’t enough, I wanted more, which is what led me to UP Online Personal Training. Having known Martyn through our time working at the same commercial gym and hearing about his achievements I knew he would be the perfect person to help me to achieve what I crave. Whenever he spoke to me I listened with intent, picking up useful tips here and there. Now that I have been using UP’s Online Personal Training Services I have been able to utilise his vast knowledge extensively. I could not be more happy with the quality and level of service I have been given. Everything has been laid out in exact detail (just how I like it) regarding training and nutrition. Martyn has been extremely efficient in answering all of my emails (of which there have been many!) with a plethora of questions. Every time I have received a very fast and detailed response. He keeps in regular contact, requesting weekly updates which is very reassuring, showing that he cares about the progress of his clients. He emphasises the fact that questioning is the way to progress and gain more knowledge and is always encouraging me to use his knowledge. In a nutshell I am more than satisfied with UP and Martyn’s online personal training services and would strongly recommend him to anyone. He is a testament to the quality of trainers you have.” – Dom Haigh

“My wife recommended I see Martyn when I said I wanted to reverse my weight gain and lose the fat around my belly and chin. When I saw Martyn he was very helpful and encouraging and gave me a resistance training and diet programme. As soon as I started following it, the pounds just fell off. It literally seemed magical, as I had not lost weight for 10 years. If I had followed his instructions with more discipline, I know for sure I would have lost a pound of body fat every week. As it was, I was fairly undisciplined and still went from 18.2% body fat down to 11.3% body fat in circa 8 weeks. Martyn was always on hand to give me encouragement by email and explain why details in the programme were so important to achieving my goals e.g. high reps speeding up the metabolism, and the proper diet balance to prompt the body to burn fat and not lose muscle. He is also very knowledgeable about supplements and what not to waste money on. There is as he says no substitute for getting the basics right i.e. work, rest and diet. Now I have quit smoking and drinking again and intend to get back in the gym to complete the weight loss. Following that, Martyn has promised me a programme to focus on muscle gain. He is a great bloke who takes this science seriously, so if you want results, and are prepared to put in the work and follow instructions, Martyn will tell you everything you need to know and do, no nonsense. “ – Pete May

“I contacted UP after reading an article in a fitness magazine. Martyn has been absolutely amazing. He’s been constantly attentive, pushing me hard to achieve my goals and yet making me enjoy doing so. I can’t recommend him highly enough!” – Daniel Cini

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