Each and every one of us has different wants and needs. Many of us prefer to train alone for many reasons including privacy, focus and perhaps a minor insecurity. However there are those that much prefer to train with another individual – to help motivate and share our achievements




Everyone knows what we can do at Ultimate Performance Marbella. It’s got to the stage where the only thing other Personal Trainers can do to knock us is claim our results are too quick. If only they realised that we only ever go at the pace our clients demand of us, then they might learn a trick or two!

Group Training (Team UP) is popular at our gyms for two underlying reasons: accessibility and affordability, without compromising the solid results that has created waiting lists at our London and Hong Kong gyms! We spent about six months experimenting with some new workout approaches that would match the standard of our one-to-one training but in a small group (3-6 people) context.

Here are some of the key principles that make our Group Training so unique:

  • Small Groups – Often individual coaching is impossible in large spin classes, but at Ultimate Performance we believe it is crucial. In small groups we can promise this.teamup2
  • Short Sessions – We discovered that our Group Training Sessions needed to fit into lunch breaks or perhaps even an hour out of work. We found the 30-40 mark to fit perfectly and, in that time, we don’t mess around: we go hard.
  • Tough Enough – To not only reach results but also to maintain them your body needs to adapt, or change, but we understand that many newcomers may not be UP fit yet. Accessibility is very important to us but we will push you to your limits. Thank us later!
  • Full of Like-Minded People – Support in training is integral to change and comes directly under our principles. We want the classes to be fun, and that’s easy, as any visit to an Ultimate Performance gym will show you that there’s no atmosphere quite like it: intense, inclusive and welcoming.
  • Flexible – At the price you’re paying you won’t get the same flexibility as one-to-one personal training. But the way we have instructed the classes allows you to bring some friends and suggest to the trainer what you may want and move the start times around a bit. Not a lot, but a bit. And as always if you help us we will always help you to give you an unforgettable Ultimate Performance experience.

Class Types:

teamup – Body Composition

Aimed at those who want an UP training experience without the price tag. This is perfect for clients who want to squeeze in an extra session or just for those of you who want to come and see what UP muscle building is all about. We will rotate through three different body part splits in this 45 minute class, but groups can suggest specific programs if we are given 24 hours notice. Suitable for all fitness levels.

So what are you waiting for?! Come down to our UP Gym in beautiful Marbella and share a gym training experience like none other so you and your friends can look great on the beaches!

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