UP Singapore was opened in July 2014 and represents the newest paradigm in the UP evolution.


It is a gym much like all our others, with the same world-class equipment from Atlantis (Canada) and Watson (UK), a 35 metre sprint track, and the unrelenting focus on achieving maximum results in minimum time that is the hallmark of the UP philosophy. However it does differ in one key way.

The main differentiator between our Singapore gym and all the other UP personal training gyms is scale. At 7,000 sq feet in size it is the largest dedicated personal training gym in the world and affords us the opportunity to really go to town when offering our clients scope and scale for their one-to-one training.

What our Singapore gym also represents is the continued development of the “TeamUP” group training concept. We have a dedicated group training room, and even have an outdoor area that will be used as a track for modified strongman training for fitness and fat loss.

If you are visiting Singapore and want to experience a unique training environment then please contact our local team to find out more.

We can never guarantee anyone results, but we can guarantee the most professional and intense coaching experience in any city that we are based in.

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Ultimate Performance
Ground Floor,
PWC Building,
8 Cross Street,
Singapore 048424
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